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NZJ15/15IIIAG-5 (iron roll) rice milling machine

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NZJ15/15ⅢAG-5 rubber roll combined rice husking and milling machine is a special equipment for processing paddy into rice, which is upgraded based on the original ⅢAG-3 combined rice milling machine and the practical experience and needs in recent years, in which the debris sieves and the milling chamber are significantly improved, making the cleanup function even better, and the quality of rice higher. Milling methods are divided into iron roll and sand roll types; the iron roll type is more suitable for areas of short-grain rice (Japonica); the sand roll type is more suitable for areas of long-grain rice (Japonica). The machine is featured by attractive appearance, compact structure, high processing rate, less broken rice, low power consumption, and simple operation.


Model and specifications
Technical parameters


Milled rice rate(%)

Broken rice rate(%)




NZJ15/15IIIAG-5 600-900 68~72 2 22-25.5 1000 1500×2700×2900


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NZJ15/15IIIAG-5 rice milling machine
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