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NZJ15/15IIGA strong cooling rice milling machine

basic information
product description

najiushi nide NZJ15/15IIGA strong cooling rice milling machine is a high-efficiency rice processing equipment for husking and paddy separation, and high negative pressure cold rice milling combination. Based on the original ⅡGA, you can add the crushing function according to different needs of users. The chaff is discharged directly from the chaff fan or sent into the configured pulverizer; fine brans can be collected independently, or mixed with the brans, which are collected by the cyclone separator after being crushed.

This machine is a new generation of rice milling machine successfully developed by our factory through years of market practice. The products are featured by leading technology, novel design, compact structure, low energy consumption, easy operation, high rice yield, crystal rice gloss, compliant with Class A standard; easy installation, which is the best choice for food processing specialized households in urban and rural, mountainous areas to get rich.


Model and specifications
Technical parameters
(Kg/h) Broken rice rate(%) Power(%) Weight(Kw) Dimensions(mm)
NZJ15/15IIGA 650-700 68~72 <=3 16.5~20(Without crushing) 3100×2500×3000
NZJ15/15IICA 650-700 68~72 <=3 15~18.5(Without crushing) 3000×2500×3000


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